Imagine an app that lets you network and build connections, link your audience to your content, stimulate more engagement and market your business or brand… Start by making Netblitz the gateway to your brand!

content portal

CRM features

Digital content portal

Impressive snapshot that is simple to create and easy to share

Create a digital portal to represent your business or affiliation with a company, organization or brand. Centralize all key information, social media handles, marketing materials and other key highlights that you would like to convey to your audience.

Grab attention with an all-in-one portal

Make it easier for people to quickly understand your business to stimulate interest and promote call-to-actions. Your audience can now tap into your customized content and follow you across different platforms from just a single touch point.

Control messaging to foster engagement and conversion

Promote content that encourages the types of engagement and conversion important to you. Your branding efforts are amplified every time you network or when contacts share your portal to others by referral.

Share with anyone, anywhere

Sharing your portal is simple and easy! Plus your contacts don’t even need the app. You can also connect offline customers to your online content, and vice versa.

CRM features

Use our CRM tools to build and cultivate your network

Utilize contact management to search and find saved portals easier. Make useful notes for your contacts when needed. Leverage icebreakers and chat features to deepen and grow your relationships.

Brand marketing plus networking in one

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