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Digital contact portal

The modern solution for the digital entrepreneur or business professionals keen on cultivating and growing their network. Guide your audience on how to engage with you. Discover useful features to increase the type of deal conversion relevant to your business.

Are you one of those multi-talented individuals that loves to multi-hat with diverse interests and polygamous careers? Netblitz has got you covered. Create multiple contact portals for all the different facets of you. So go ahead, pursue as many side hustles as you like!

Create an outlet for free expression and let your personality shine with our MeCard template. Make the discovery process more efficient and foster deeper connection with a short profile about yourself.

Great for creators, influencers, freelancers and artists who have diverse digital footprints and want to promote their personal brand and showcase content or portfolio from different sources.


Capture unique and unforgettable moments with friends and special relationships that you want to commemorate.

Generate icebreakers for convenient follow-up or use other relationship tools to stimulate engagements.


Spark conversations based on mutual interests and passions. Have special notes to manage your contact list more efficiently.
Add, follow and get the latest updates from your favorite contacts or influencers easier than ever.

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